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SOCCER SERVICES offers individual advisory programs to players in order to increase performance in both the short and long term. Although the company generally targets a professional audience, we are also open to train young talented players who are interested in improving their performance and increase their game understanding through the ekkono method. Advisory programs are developed through numerous activities such as:

  • Practical training sessions
  • Theoretical lessons
  • Competition analysis
  • Video analysis sessions

Players have the option of a punctual service, a week long evaluation or a full season advisory program. The company’s programs respects the concepts of the teams in which the players play. The fundamentals that are developed allow the player to implement the coach’s instructions more effectively.

In the experience section, you can see a number of top players trained by coaches employed by SOCCER SERVICES. However, some of the advisory programs developed by the company are confidential as many professional players do not want the details of their advisory service made public.

Javi López
RCD Espanyol player (Spanish 1st league)
López got individual training advice to develop some specific concepts as a midfielder.
Masato Kudo
Kashiwa Reyso player (Japanese 1st league)
Through game analysis, Kudo got an intensive consulting period focusing on his individual needs as a striker.
Enrique Esqueda
Atlas Fútbol Club (Mexican 1st league)
Through game analysis, Esqueda got an intensive consulting period focusing on his individual needs as a striker.
Catalan Football FA Youth Players
Young talented players from Top Catalan Clubs
A group of young talented players are involved in the advisory programs. According to their individual needs, each player receives feedback through game analysis, and works to improve their game through field trainings.


SOCCER SERVICES offers the possibility to players who are on overseas to still benefit from our counselling services to increase their performance. We have designed a program based on video analyses, which allow us to elaborate a monitoring training program.
The program is composed of the following activities

Individual Report
This analysis describes  which areas the player should enhance and what aspects should be corrected.

Match Report
The match report is based on the individual report and analyses the mistakes and successes in each of the relevant areas of the game.

Final Evaluation
At the end of the season player will participate in an individual video session where he will know in detail the progress on the concepts that he worked.

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