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203, 2017

Agreement between Ekkono Method and Footbal Association Thailand


We are thrilled to announce that The Ekkono Method lands in Thailand to collaborate with the FA and carry out an ambitious project focused on the football development of the country. The Ekkono Method will add its knowledge, expertise and human resources to the FA strategic plan. The main working legs for the first years will be: Train the national teams: [...]

2712, 2016

Ekkono Virtual Reality


About a year ago at Ekkono we have been working really hard and putting many efforts in the development of an online training platform. Through this platform every player in the world will be able to train with the Ekkono Methodology and become a PRO. This online platform presents many variety of training activities: online reports, video analysis sessions, individualized [...]

2707, 2016

Japanese Coach Education


Japan has always been a very important point of reference for the development of our services and our ideas about football. We are already active in the Japanese market with the organization of football camps for players, carrying on a project that started 5 years ago. We also would like to extend our services and projects in Japan, offering innovative [...]

407, 2016

Summer Activities


Summer has always been a season with many activities in different cities and different countries. One year more, this summer the Ekkono Method spreads around the world, organizing courses for coaches and camps for players. Specifically we are in Poland, Finland, Japan, and Barcelona. During the last days of June and the first weeks of July we were in Poland [...]

2504, 2016

Barcelona Events


Organizing events and bringing all kind of people associated with football in Barcelona has always been a very important point for us. Specifically in late March and early April, we have organized two amazing events: one for players and one for coaches. A total of 43 players from our school in Japan, divided into 3 teams (U10, U11 and U13), [...]

2103, 2016

Master Ekkono Course


The Master Ekkono is a course addressed to coaches and is the highest step in our Ekkono training path. This Master consists of 120 hours, where are developed all the individual fundamentals for each different position on the field. The primary objective of this Master is to provide all the info and instruments that coaches need about individual fundamentals for [...]

502, 2016

Ekkono Japan Academy


For the last 2 years Ekkono has developed a soccer academy in Japan, and the past October was the end of the first phase of the project, changing our resident coach there. The changing it went out as we expected, the academy is growing up month after month reaching over 100 participants, and we still keeping the methodology speech. An [...]

2611, 2015

Ekkono Soccer Experience


From Soccer Services, we are very happy to see people around the world coming to Barcelona training with us and experiencing the Ekkono methodology. In the past two months we had in total 3 groups with us. 2 Australian teams and a Finnish team. Our Tour program is still grown up year after year. Spending a few days with our [...]

2008, 2015

Solidarity Project in India


It was our first time in a Solidarity Project in India. After work in many parts of the World, now the Ekkono Method has arrived to one of the most rural areas in the Asian country. Through a course for coaches, we collaborated with Vicente Ferrer Foundation to promote football, as a social integration tool in Anantapur, in the Andra [...]

2205, 2015

Ekkono US


After more than two years of carrying out sporadic activities in the United States of America, Soccer Services Barcelona has opened an office in the US titled "Ekkono US", continuing the companies growth. The activities initially will be concentrated in the states of Florida and Washington, where offline and online services of E-Soccerland will be offered. We will be conducting [...]

1003, 2015

International Course 2015


After the third course in Barcelona, we want to acknowledge the participation of all attendees and thank them for being a part of another success. Coaches arrived from Japan, Finland, Poland, Estonia, the United States and Spain, sharing and discussing two main axis; the foundations of the midfielders and the foundations of the fullbacks. The course has brought upon specific topics [...]

402, 2015

Soccer Services in Australia


Our enthusiasm for working in various parts of the world and for learning about culture and sports that other countries have to offer has allowed us to travel to Australia for a second time. The last time we traveled to Australia we visited Adelaide, but this time around, we visited Sydney. From January 28 to February 3, we trained players ranging [...]

901, 2015

Eerikkilä Sports Institute


Eerikkilä Sports Institute, which has major logistical and commercial potential, has shown great interest in the evolution of Ekkono Method in several Nordic countries this past year. Now Soccer Services and the Eerikkila i Sami Hyypiä Sports Institute Academy have signed an agreement to undertake a strategic development plan for the next three years in several Nordic countries, with the [...]

1610, 2014

Soccer Services in Japan


We at Soccer Services are continuing our relationship with Japanese Football. Last October, we had a full program where we did diferent kinds of activities with the JFA and some of the best clubs of the J-League. Fran Rubio, a Soccer Services coach, works as an advisor for the JFA. He directs the player trainings in the High Perfomance Center [...]

1408, 2014

Japan Summer Camp


During the months of July and August, Soccer Services executed several campuses in Japan, reaching over 250 footballers, both men and women. In the major cities of Kochi, Yokohama, Tokyo and Osaka the participants were able to learn how to play utilizing the Ekono Method. Among the participating players highlights the presence of promising young players from FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol, [...]

107, 2014

Professional players


During the week of June 16th, Soccer Services was involved in training a group of professional players from France. All of them are signed by teams from Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, including well renowned clubs in Europe. The ekkono method is the basis of how these professional players are training with Soccer Services. We are training them with individual [...]

1304, 2014

March-April summary


Last March and beginning of April, there were many movement in Soccer Services. In addition to the individual trainings done during the whole year, a grup of Ecuadorian players was training intensively with us from March 10th until April 6th. They have had an excellent behavior during the whole time and they showed a good predisposition to learn from the [...]

3103, 2014

Soccer Services Tokyo school


Our Game analysis responsible, Pol Deulonder, arrived in Japan few days ago to work in the new Soccer Services School in Japan. Pol has much experience about work in other countries and also with international players. With Soccer Services he travelled around the world doing trainings, assessments, conferences and many other activities. Deulonder has experience in work in Japan. Like [...]

1503, 2014

Conference in Poland


Last Sunday 9th of March, Soccer Services was invited in Poland to do a conference about perception; there were more than 250 people in it. In that event, we could recognize some faces from last conference in that country where the Soccer Services CEO, Carles Romagosa, could participate; also we identified some other faces from our Soccercat Coaching Course 2014. [...]