Master Ekkono Course

The Master Ekkono is a course addressed to coaches and is the highest step in our Ekkono training path. This Master consists of 120 hours, where are developed all the individual fundamentals for each different position on the field. The primary objective of this Master is to provide all the info and instruments that coaches need about individual fundamentals for position, in order to be able to put all these ideas on the field.

Currently we are holding this master in Finland, more specifically we are delivering the program with Erikkila Center along with 30 coaches coming from different Finnish clubs and other Nordic Countries.

1st Block

This course is divided into 4 blocks: last month, in February, we could develop the first block of the course, where was taught how to interpret our Ekkono methodology, as well as we could deeply explain the individual fundamentals for central-back.

2nd Block

The second block is going take place in Barcelona on 4ht, 5th, 6th and 7th of April. During these days we are going to working with midfielders and full-back individual fundamentals, as well as we are going to have the opportunity to see how professional teams, like F.C. Barcelona or R.C.D. Espanyol, work the same concepts and contents that we are working on.

3rd and 4th Block

Regarding the 3rd and the 4th block, they are going to take place on November. During these blocks, we are going to talk more deeply about central midfielders and advanced midfielders. At last, in the 4th block, we are going to explain the strikers and winger fundamentals.

Additionally to these theoretical sessions presented in each block, the course includes practical work. Between blocks, coaches will have to do different assigned work such as, for example, analysis of the fundamentals of a professional player chosen by them. Under our point of view, theoretical and practical integration is overriding to get a good consolidation of all the theoretical concepts.

So step-by-step throughout these 4 blocks we are going to see the fundamentals for each position on the field and we are also going to consolidate the most important fundamentals for each position.

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