Japanese Coach Education

Japan has always been a very important point of reference for the development of our services and our ideas about football. We are already active in the Japanese market with the organization of football camps for players, carrying on a project that started 5 years ago. We also would like to extend our services and projects in Japan, offering innovative methods to teach coaches about Ekkono Method.

Last month we had the opportunity to launch 2 different services, both with the aim to teach coaches about our methodology. In one hand we launched the selling of the third DVD, which integrates the first and the second one together. On the other hand we also launched the online courses for coaches, so now, exists a specific online platform for the Japanese online courses.

The DVD, in particular, analyses the concept of defence and aims to help coaches to tactical improve some aspects of this stage. We differentiate the way of explaining how to defend, depending on the age of the players.

– Introduction: basic knowledge about defence (ages 6 to 12)

– Technification: fundamentals per position (ages 13 to 19)

In regards of the online courses, our company has also designed an online Training Itinerary Courses, in which the idea is to teach coaches about the four main learning fields of Ekkono: Planning, Methodology, Game Analysis and Physical Fitness. Now, these online courses are also available in Japanese. We are very happy to offer to all our Japanese coaches with the possibility to keep learning about Ekkono with an online way.

We are very satisfied about the positive feedback Japan gives to us and we are glad to have the opportunity to spread our football methodology in the country.



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