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The ekkono method


Often coaches specialize in improving the physical and technical aspects of players, as these skills are seen as most important. However there is a third key aspect of the game that is often overlooked. This is the cognitive aspect of the game: the way in which players perceive the game around them, and make key decisions. Cognitive training allows players to improve their game and better apply their physical and technical skills with regards to the team dynamics and game strategy. It helps to develop more intelligent players capable of interpreting spatial dynamics, anticipating problems and creating solutions for the problems that may arise on the field.

ekkono is a soccer specific coaching methodology, developed by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches and university professors in Spanish soccer. The aim is to assist players in achieving their full potential through specific cognitive training exercises and help them through teaching key Individual Fundamentals. The primary goal of the method is to ensure that players are able to interpret the game and apply their skills in the most beneficial way for their team. Ekkono method assists players in finding the best solutions and making the best decisions on the pitch.

To achieve this objective, ekkono Method in based on 4 major training guidelines:

The design of dynamic drills and ability to continually readjust the drills and training tasks is of utmost importance in ensuring that training provides the maximum benefit to players. It is extremely important to take the time to design drills that respect the structural aspects of the game so that players are able to translate the contents into an on field situation and play more intelligently during competitive matches.

The best players are often those capable of making the correct decisions and applying their skills effectively during a match. Perceptive training is a key aspect to include in content planning as it enables players to understand what is happening on the field around them. It allows players to perceive what is happening during the game with relation to the ball, and also with relation to the key areas and spaces on the pitch. This allows them to consciously make decisions and find solutions in the best interest of the team.

Our coaching methodology is based on a holistic approach. It revolves around “coaching by questions”. We believe that by posing questions to the players and encouraging them to develop solutions we are able to stimulate their thinking both on and off the pitch. By involving the players in the learning process, rather than simply providing solutions, it guarantees significant learning and improvement in their decision making process and helps to create more intelligent players.

Most coaches focus only on training contents with players. However, inline with the holistic approach it is vital that the players are able to understand the concepts behind the training in order to gain optimal benefit. By ensuring that players fully understand the concepts and how to correctly apply them in a game situation, we ensure that players develop the capacity to manage specific game situations in the most effective manner.


SOCCER SERVICES provide all our services based on the ekkono Method to assist all clients to further develop their skills and improve their knowledge. Likewise, clubs and federations have the chance to add ekkono Method to their current curriculum and planning in order to ensure that players are capable of better comprehending the game and improving on field performance.

If you are interested in learning more about the ekkono method, do not hesitate to check out the following examples as we continue to update the content.