Ekkono Virtual Reality

About a year ago at Ekkono we have been working really hard and putting many efforts in the development of an online training platform. Through this platform every player in the world will be able to train with the Ekkono Methodology and become a PRO.

This online platform presents many variety of training activities: online reports, video analysis sessions, individualized training programs, 1-on-1 online coaching sessions, and many more.

One of the most innovative activity that the program includes is the possibility to train concepts, that would be trained on the field, using the Virtual Reality.

Last Wednesday 21st of December, as was the last training of the year 2016, we organized a special event for all our players and some. The event consisted in an Ekkono training on the field plus the possibility to train the same concept using the Virtual Reality.

It was a very success, the players were trained on the field by Ekkono and they also had the opportunity to experience how a training game is. We at Ekkono still working to improve this version and to bring more games for all.

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