Ekkono Japan Academy

For the last 2 years Ekkono has developed a soccer academy in Japan, and the past October was the end of the first phase of the project, changing our resident coach there. The changing it went out as we expected, the academy is growing up month after month reaching over 100 participants, and we still keeping the methodology speech.

An important part of the project is to expand Ekkono method around Japan, doing camps, clinics, and conferences. The last weekend in November the academy was doing a team clinic at the North Japan, Iwate, with more than 70 participants. And during December we organized the winter Ekkono camps; one of our biggest events of the year in the country.

We hold a camp in Yokohama and another in Tokyo, being such a great success reaching almost 130 participants.
For the first time the camps were orientated to train defensive concepts, which had a very good acceptation either for the players and the coaches, as the interest to understanding the game in a global way is growing year after year.

The trainings were developed within a nice learning environment where the players were enjoying while they were learning being very participative during the training and once it was finished asking questions to the coaches about the Ekkono method and the areas that they should improve.

The camps ended up with a very cozy closing ceremony where the players received their individual report and gifts, we could see in their faces how proud they were of the knowledge acquired and of their big improvement.

Once again, the Academy will do a selection of players to participate in a Spanish tournament in Easter Holidays 2016. The teams will play under the name of Ekkono.

Ekkono method is growing up strongly in Japan and we are very proud that has become the referent methodology in the country in terms of training soccer.

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