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SOCCER SERVICES has always enjoyed a great relationship with the coaching, I+D and training side of soccer. The company has developed courses and hosted conferences to educate coaches about the ekkono method. This method has allowed numerous coaches to train professional and amateur players more effectively. We do not have a specific training or education program for coaches, but rather prepare custom programs for coaches depending on various factors in order to ensure they gain as much as possible from the experience. All of our courses however maintain a similar structure and incorporate theoretical content with practical lessons in order for coaches to understand the concepts on and off the pitch. We also provide the coaches with assignments to encourage their input and participation. Our coaching courses have been perfected over many years and ensure that
coaches can fully understand the content of our methods with regards to the four main developmental stages: initiation, specialization, performance and high performance.

Although the company generally targets a professional audience, we are open to train coaches from any level who are interested in increasing their knowledge about cognitive development and implementing the ekkono method.

Currently, SOCCER SERVICES is offering continuous education in Barcelona, Finland, US and Japan. However, we are able to provide short course or conferences for coaches from all over the world, in Barcelona or in their home country.

Our experiences in the education of coaches includes:

Japanese Football Association
Since 2013, SOCCER SERVICES is developing an advisory program for the JFA. This program is lead from Barcelona but with a permanent coach living in Japan. We are involved in numerous activities; however, our main focus is on the coaching education side. In this area, the company is focused on the coaches’ education (up to level S) and also in developing the Japanese course teachers (level C).

University of Vic
From 2003 to 2010, SOCCER SERVICES had been involved in the education of Sports Science students. During this degree, our teachers, were developing subjects related with soccer, physical preparation, young talent detection, high performance and sports training.
Catalan Football Federation
During the period as technical co-directors, the company had the chance to work directly with thousands of coaches. Although our tasks involved also players and clubs, we spent a lot of resources to develop as many coaches as possible. We designed an online course and organized coaching clinics in multiple regions to spread the federation guidelines. We also opened a number of virtual spaces to help local coaches in an individual way to familiarize themselves with some of our methods and materials.
Finnish Football Association
SOCCER SERVICES has been collaborating with the Finnish soccer since 2009, developing programs for players, clubs, coaches and local FAs. However, on 2014 we commenced our biggest project to date: Master of Coaching Individual Fundamentals per Position. This course takes one year and is aimed at top coaches in Finland. During the Master Program, we provide analysis and discussion about all the field positions to help coaches understand the best way to coach players in each position during the specialization stage of player development.
Túrbula School
Since 2009, the company has been involved in the education for coaches to get the official course certificates (level 1, 2 and 3). This school is one of the biggest in Spain and SOCCER SERVICES has the responsibility to teach some of the main subjects in the whole year courses.
Orlika Academy Project
Due to the 2012 EUROCUP, Poland decided to create this project to develop soccer and coaching education throughout the country. The aim of SOCCER SERVICES was to educate the head coaches of each Orlika Academy during our periodic visits to the country. The program was designed to help the head coaches to implement the ekkono method in their facilities.