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About us

SOCCER SERVICES is a private venture established by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches and university professors in Spanish soccer. During our 20 years of experience, including research and collaboration with elite and professional clubs and national federations, we have developed an expertise in cognitive training for professional players and a unique and comprehensive method unrivaled in professional soccer called ekkono method.

Based in Barcelona, the SOCCER SERVICES develops curriculums and programs, provides technical assistance, evaluates and benchmarks players and teams, and supports talented players at various stages of their development. SOCCER SERVICES also advises coaches, clubs, federations and associations about how to improve their training methods and maximize player performance.

At SOCCER SERVICES we believe in maintaining the following three values:


“All for one and one for all”

Working collectively within the organization to provide the highest quality of service.


“the way to excellence”

Both on and off the field, the company aims to be an industry leader and provide clients with the highest level of service.


“Innovation allows you to have always the initiative”

To further develop and improve our services through groundbreaking research.

Technical team

Our technical team is formed by a group of more than 30 highly specialized coaches and teachers with a large professional trajectory in more than 20 countries.

We really love to share and add our piece of knowledge to other projects. Heading the technical team are Carles Romagosa and David Hernández.

We are experts in training at all levels and categories, from professional clubs to youth
soccer structures and also national soccer federations:

Japanese Football Association

Japanese Football Association

C. F. Pachuca

F.C. Pachuca

Chinese Football Association

Chinese Football Association

futbol club barcelona
F.C. Barcelona

Catalan Football
Catalan Football Federation

Finnish Football Association

Our coaching experience involves also universities,
coaching official schools and specialized soccer centres such as:


Johan Cruyff Institute


University of Vic


Akademia Orlika


Blanquerna University



Turbula School


University of South Australia

SOCCER SERVICES and e-soccerline

Both companies are linked because they provide services and products to spread the ekkono method to whom is interested.

SOCCER SERVICES specializes in face to face and on field technical services whereas e-soccerline is focused on providing quality on-line training services and products for coaches.