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SOCCER SERVICES experts are experienced across all levels and categories, from professional clubs to youth soccer structures, national soccer federations and also universities.


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  • Thiland

Agreement between Ekkono Method and Footbal Association Thailand

02/03/2017|0 Comments

We are thrilled to announce that The Ekkono Method lands in Thailand to collaborate with the FA and carry out an [...]

  • 15590276_10210189570203430_6886158958029529963_n

Ekkono Virtual Reality

27/12/2016|0 Comments

About a year ago at Ekkono we have been working really hard and putting many efforts in the development of [...]

  • 222

Japanese Coach Education

27/07/2016|0 Comments

Japan has always been a very important point of reference for the development of our services and our ideas about [...]

Summer Activities

04/07/2016|0 Comments

Summer has always been a season with many activities in different cities and different countries. One year more, this summer [...]

Barcelona Events

April 4th to 7th

4th Barcelona Ekkono Course 2016

Taught in English
Specialization stage monographic about Individual Fundamentals per Position focus on fullbacks and advanced midfielders.